Follies, Ruins and Monuments of Ireland

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Travelling widely, she seeks out monuments, houses, gardens and follies, bringing to her subject-matter a sensitive and aeshetic appreciation of the patina of age and the effects of time. her etching and paintings are meditations on the effects of time, and the transience on human vanities.

The quirkiness of follies in particular appeals to her, their function in many cases unknown. While some are just interesting structures that act as a focal point in the landscape of a country house; others serve as a summer house or a watch house; and others are monuments to people long gone. Several of the paintings and etchings in the exhibition feature much larger buildings which were destroyed in the Great House burnings of the civil war 1922-23 (some of which were subsequently rebuilt).

Symes has enjoyed discovering and depicting these artefacts and will continue to seek out more, countrywide. The pandemic curtailed some of the artist’s work due to lockdowns but she says there is much more to be done in the future.

While Symes is skilled as a printmaker, her appreciation of Irish landscapes and buildings is equally evident in an impressive series of canvases, large and small, that she has completed in recent years.’

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