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Black, White and Pink to choose from.

This stone oil diffuser is a sophisticated way to bring refreshing, revitalizing and relaxing scents into your room, creating whatever atmosphere you desire for working, entertaining, or chilling out.

The internal part of the diffuser is made from BPA-free plastic, which is protected by a porcelain cover, making it a subtle feature for any room. The white diffuser will fit in with most colour schemes and will simply blend in as another piece of decoration, so you can have it on display in pride of place on a shelf or mantlepiece or keep it out of the way on top of a cupboard.

With additional features such as an LED light which adds acandle-like glow to the diffuser, this piece can enhance the ambience and atmosphere in any room on a number of levels. The misting and light features can be used simultaneously or you can opt for one without the other to suit your needs.

The handcrafted, ultrasonic diffuser is easy to use and easy to clean. Presenting as a sleek piece of home décor, the stone oil diffuser is a safer and more cost-effective alternative to scented candles and traditional oil burners.

From Dublin based Kotanical

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White, Pink, Black