Noni and the Great Chawwwklit Mystery

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Meet Noni. She’s a crazy old, law-breaking, chocolate-selling, pram-wielding, wickedly funny woman who likes nothing more than a dangerous caper!

Someone has tampered with the city’s supply of chocolate and now Noni and her young friends must find out who did it before the evil tricksters poison the whole town – including the dreamy rugby star, Chunks McSturdy.

Can Noni and her pram of seriously dodgy treats overcome the odds and get to the bottom of the mystery before all hell breaks loose? Will her pet raven, Francis, ever find enlightenment? Will anyone ever teach Noni to say the word ‘chocolate’ properly? Get ready for lots of laughs, tons of adventure and truck loads of chawwwklit!

ISBN  9780717191857

Publication Date October 2021

Language English

Format Hardback, 272 pages

Author Dermot Whelan

Dermot Whelan’s two loves are humour and meditation. His book on the latter, Mind Full, was a runaway number one bestseller in Ireland. Dermot’s first love, humour, is poured into his much-loved character, Noni, who makes regular appearances on his award-winning, mid-morning Dermot and Dave.