You’ve Got This

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Our teenage years are very important in shaping the women we become. We start to learn more about who we are and to take steps towards our future, but during these years we can often be consumed with doubt and anxiety. We worry about how we look, what people think, whether we should play sports, not getting ‘perfect’ marks, and how many likes and followers we have online.

You’ve Got This! is a positive and empowering guide designed to help girls find their place in the world and grab life with both hands.

Full of practical information on handling the challenges of the teenage years with a healthy mindset, it covers topics like finding your friendship tribe, handling peer pressure, healthy body image, periods, love, sex and relationships, exam pressure and navigating the online world.

You’ve Got This! is a supportive companion that will boost self-esteem, inspire positive thinking and build resilience while encouraging you to see the amazing potential in yourself. Discover that the parts of you that are different are your superpowers – own them, cover them in glitter and shine brightly!

‘A powerful, practical must-read for teenage girls in Ireland.’ Niamh Fitzpatrick, psychologist and author

Tammy Darcy is an award-winning social entrepreneur. She founded the Shona Project to provide a safe place for girls to seek guidance and advice on all the challenges associated with growing up in Ireland. Backed by a team of professional advisors, the website also provides girls with an opportunity to share their own stories and learn from each other. The Shona Project has also delivered workshops to almost 13,000 girls in schools across Ireland.